Samsung The Frame
With Multimedia Box

Please note that it is possible to hide the One Connect of the Samsung The Frame inside the wall for those who do not want to see the large box, or connects all the devices, coming out at the bottom of the wall. A multimedia box is then placed behind the television and this is recessed into the wall. The One Connect of the Samsung Frame is thus hidden.

It is possible to put a Helix receiver from Videotron or Bell inside but only the smallest ones. (Those measuring 10 cm by 10 cm and less)

The multimedia box including its installation – $100

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Support mural escamotable pour cheminée

Here is a mount designed to pull the TV down when the TV is above the fireplace and thus displays the TV too high in relation to the field of view. It is of course important that the support is well anchored to the structure of the building. 

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Wall Media Console

First of all, the TV cabinet installed on the wall allows a large storage inside as well as clearance from the floor. As for the appearance of the floating cabinet, the wall installation allows us to save space. There is no accumulation of dust underneath so better air quality in the room

We install all models of "floating" wall cabinets. Everything is firmly anchored and the necessary modifications are made.

The furniture must be assembled before the arrival of the technician.

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Space saving.

It is true that with your television on the wall you save space since you take advantage of the entire surface of your television cabinet. The furniture is thus freed from the TV to make room for decorations, for example. In addition, your listening space is now safe because the screen is firmly anchored in the wall structure. 

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The Bell and Helix receiver can be concealed.

The Bell receiver can be hidden behind the TV if you choose the installation with hidden cables. Therefore the small Bell box communicates wirelessly with your internet router. Thus the Bell decoder is small and can therefore be slipped behind the television. From now on, videotron Helix receivers have been reduced in size and can be placed behind the TV too.

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5 year warranty on installation.


Installation of a television on swivel support and glass shelf.

Installing your television should no longer be a burden for you. We install all flat screen televisions and have all brackets in stock. Installing a wall-mounted glass shelf for devices, receivers and DVDs is a good solution for saving space in the living room. Call us for a reservation.


A corner TV.

For this purpose your television can be installed in a corner to give a permanent 45 degree angle. For this, with an articulated pivoting support, the television is taken out of the wall by a distance of 60cm and gives it the desired angle. Do not hesitate to contact us to see the possible options. 

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Swivel Mount and Hidden Cables requires 10 foot long HDMI cables.

When installing your television on the wall on a swivel mount, the HDMI cables inside the wall must be of a good length to allow full movement of the mount from left to right.

Standard HDMI cables are mostly 6 feet long. (too short)
A detail to take into account when buying equipment.

HDMI 2.0 10ft Length
Price: $20 each


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Tv on wall with 5 meter L.E.D strip

Entertain your guests and personalize your space with creative lighting. The L.E.D strips stick behind the TV and create a unique atmosphere. In this regard, the lighting changes colors and you can change the intensity with a remote control.



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